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Deborah (deborah)

October 2, 2010

Oxford, North Carolina 27565

July 1, 2011

Cancer Survivor

Cancer Info

Anal Cancer


September 20, 2010

Stage 2


Grade 1



Fluorouracil (5-FU)

lifechanging event you are unprepared for

do not take your health for granted


Duke University

one day at a time

pray, have a good support system

December 6, 2010

none found tumor by colonoscopy

28 treatments IMRT by end of 2nd week burning, itching, diarrhea last treatment 12/6/2010



Deborah's Cancer Blog

good results on Pet Scan

I spent 8 1/2 hrs at the hospital on June 9. Blodwork, Pet scan, saw oncologist, radiologist and surgeon. Bloodwork back to normal, weight the same, exams were good. Had to wait until following tuesday to get results of PET, praise God, NED, so do not go back until Oct, then should be able to go to 6 month checkups. Have a small cyst that an antiobiotic will clear up otherwise surgeon wants to excise-maybe in July. Praising God!
gardengirl sent you a hug.
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Hi Deborah! Congratulations on the wonderful PET results! I'm so happy for you! It sounds like you are doing great. Please keep us posted on the July date and I hope that will all go well for you. Take care! Martha
Keep on Dancing with NED! GREAT NEWS!!!!!! And almost your birthday....I'm not far ahead of you and I know those knuckle-biting days and the joy of the news...I actually burst into tears when I got the first good biopsy result... Go Celebrate!!!
Yeah!!! Great news. Thanks for letting us know your recent results. All good. I hope the cyst goes away on its own. Hugs, Cherie
Congratulation!! Thats great news. So glad all your results came back good!!! Ann
Happy news, Deborah - congratulations. Wishing you happy and ongoing healing. Hope the cyst resolves itself so that there is no need for more procedures. Enjoy these next few days as the good news sinks in! much love to you,janet
Great News!!! So very happy for you. Nancy
Wonderful news, Deborah! Wishing you a happy weekend and lots of continued healing and wellness! Ruth
Deborah, I hope you had a fantastic birthday celebration, and please let us know that you are still doing well!!
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Pet Scan coming up

My third lifetime Pet scan coming up this Thusday, June 9th. My last one was Feb. 17. I am praying for good news and no more DR. visits for 6 months. I think I must be back to normal, walking 2.5 miles at least 3 times a week, an unhealthy person could not do that, right?!? I continue to have bouts of diarrhea and NEVER can figure out what food choices cause it. I continue to have "front bottom" issues though my Gyn Dr. assures me it is not a yeast infection, just always itchy, and now have a boil in that area, never a dull moment. I did come out HPV negative on my pap smear, praise God, since everyone "assumes" if you get anal cancer that you are HPV positive. (Well maybe not everyone) I do not want to come off sounding ungrateful and whiney, I am very grateful to feel as well as I do,being I am out 6 months from last treatment. I thank God for being so close to a wonderful hospital that had to make me sick to get me well. Will let you know my results, hopefully find out the same day.
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Hi Deborah, I wish you perfect scan results and NED! I, too, will be having a follow up pet scan soon (on 6/15) and am nervous about it. Aren't we always? I, too, continue to have multiple bowel movements each day and I am 13 months post treatment and I never know what set if off. I may have IBS, though. I had a negative pap smear for HPV, too, but was told that HPV goes dormant and unless you are in a flare up or something that it won't show up. I was told by my oncologist that almost 80% of the adult population has HPV. Unbelievable! Let us know how your pet scan goes. I'll be thinking of you on the 9th! Hugs, Cherie
Hi Deborah! It sounds like you are coming along very well with your recovery--keep up with the walking! As for the GI issues, they may continue for awhile, so just be patient. I know you've had enough diarrhea, but believe me, it will get better! I wish you the all clear on your PET scan, and I'm sure that will be exactly what you'll hear. Please share the good news with us when you know. Take care! Sending positive thoughts and prayers-- Martha
Hi Deborah! You are doing the right thing, walking and other exercise helps boost the immune system, and just generally makes you feel better. The "front bottom" itch is one of those long-term effects of pelvic radiation. There is also a tendency to cystitis post-radiation, according to my oncologist. I also had a negative Pap smear, but that is now. Almost certainly I had an HPV infection - had to be many years ago, like 25! Somehow it triggered the dysplasia that led to the cancer. The HPV may be dormant now but as your oncologist said, most of us have been infected - and not necessarily by intercourse. I've just read a book on viruses, and the chapter on the HPV family is fascinating. There are at least 100 members. Some just cause warts. Others lead to cervical cancer or anal cancer. It's a nasty bunch. They only figured out how it works in the case of cervical cancer in the early 1990s, so there is a great deal more to learn. MEANTIME! I know how nerve-racking it is to wait for the PET and the results, and I hope that you get the good news right away!
Ok...just a thought...I also had "irritation issues" and finally I found relief by using only Dove soap and I switched the tp in the house from Charmin to Scott.....just like that all issues went away...give it a try. My theory was chemicals used in the process of making the tp was not agreeing with me....haven't had an issue in over a year....hope you fine relief!
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Life Goes On

Been awhile since I wrote. Feeling "Ok" every day better. Less Diarrhea, "bottom" still feels different, "front bottom" too. Going to a new gynecologist this week recommended by my oncologist, this will be 2nd visit, I will have a list of the radiation still working from the inside out?? My appetite varies so much, so so hungry some days, think about wierd stuff I have to have, then some days almost forget to eat-now that is "Very very wierd" for me. Working full time, but try not to do those 12 hour days. I just am seeing life so different. I get "angry" about dealing with "mean" people in my life, the anger surprises me, I question is it underlying about my illness, or losing my husband suddenly, or more likely having to cope with 2 life-changing events in less then 3 months apart. I just know only a mighty mighty God could have gotten me through the last 10 months. Thanks for listening! God Bless!
jill sent you a prayer.
ruthkenn sent you a hug.
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Hi Deborah-- I'm so happy to hear that you are improving with each and every day. I can promise you that things will get better and better with time. About the anger when it comes to mean people, I feel the same way since having had cancer. Life is too short to worry about others who bring only stress and toxins into our lives, so I just don't do it anymore. I've managed to piss off a few people along the way, but they have nothing positive to contribute to my life so I'm okay with that! You've had a lot to deal with, so try to surround yourself with only those people who are supportive and genuinely care about you. That includes all of us here, so come here as needed! Take care and keep us posted. Hugs-- Martha
Hang in there, Deborah, things WILL get better and you WILL feel more normal. I found it took a few months to get there, but about 4-5 months after my treatment ended (12/28/09), suddenly I woke up one day to find I had energy again! It was glorious! And all that weight I lost during treatment has found its way back. That is a GOOD thing, because I am not a person who needed to lose. Just evidence that my appitite is back and my body is processing foods like it should. All good things! Keeping you in my prayers! Thank you for updating us all. Hugs for your contiuned recovery physically and mentally. Ruth
Hello Deborah - yes the radiation keeps on working - which is both good and not so good . . . I hope the unwanted side-effects become less soon and that your digestion begins to settle down. Looking in from the outside it is perfectly easy to see why you would have less tolerance for mean people - cannot imagine how it would be to deal with bereavement and cancer diagnosis one after the other. You are a remarkable and resilient woman . . . Wishing you continued healing, peace and love, janet
Just a big hug. You will get better. Helen Marshall
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